Bisse del Garda

The bissa is a typical Garda boat, deriving from the Venetian “bissone”.

The boat is about 10.5 meters long, has a flat bottom and has 4 oars (called “forcole”), one for each of the rowers.
There rowers row standing, in the Venetian manner, with a technique that aims to amalgamate synchronism, balance and rhythm of the movements, light and powerful at the same time.

The absence of a keel, in addition to allowing a considerable maneuverability, also gives greater stability to the boat.
The current boats handed down an ancient tradition whose origins date back to the age of the Venetian Republic which extended up to Garda between 1405 and 1796.

For centuries it has been a traditional fishing boat and (with appropriate modificatios) for competition in the villages on the shores of Lake.

All the Bisse associations of the various Garda municipalities are gathered in the Lega Bisse del Garda which every year gives life to the traditional race entitled “Bandiera del Lago”.


– 15. June 2019 – Sirmione
– 22. June 2019 – Peschiera
– 29. June 2019 – Bardolino
– 6. July 2019 – Lago d’Iseo
– 13. July 2019 – Garda
– 20. July 2019 – Gargnano
– 27. July 2019 – Torri del Benaco
– 3. August 2019 – Cassone di Malcesine
– 10. August 2019 – Salò


For more infos about the “Bisse del Garda” visit Lega Bisse del Garda