Grotta Tanella

Tanella cave opens in the slopes of Monte Baldo, in a Natura 2000 protected area, and develops in the heart of the mountain for about 400 m.

It offers impressive and spectacular environments created from the water: maze, tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and colors. The speleological excursion is open to anyone – adults and children – who want to learn about the fascinating underground world. The morphological structure of the cave does not allow an adaptation for tourism which, in the presence of uneven and uncomfortable traits, we recommend the utmost attention during the progression underground.

Biosphaera’s naturalistic guides will take you along the amazing path that leads to the cave and will make you discover the naturalistic wonders hidden in its depht.

There are 2 kind of excursion:

TANELLA CAVING: 30 min of naturalistic hike along the suggestive path that leads to the cave and 40 min of caving. Available from April till September, see the timetables below.

TANELLA EXPLORING: 2 hours of naturalistic hike in a Natura 2000 protected area along ancient paths and amazing small villages in the surroundings of the cave, and 40 min of caving.

Indirizzo: Loc. Pai di Sopra, 37010 Torri del Benaco (VR).
Orari: visita il sito con gli orari aggiornati.

Prezzi: Tanella Caving € 9.00 Adulti, € 3.00 Bambini 5-12 anni
Tanella Exploring € 15.00 Adulti, € 4.00 Bambini 5-12 anni.

Telefono: 340 9631510 – 3407661116


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Credits: foto: Henry De Santis