Full Board

Maybe not very fashionable but always offered in Hotel Menapace. We take personally care of the preparation of all dishes.

Full board provides breakfast, lunch and dinner .

The guest can choose between 3 first- and 3 main courses for breakfast that are available for that day.
Lunch includes a first course, a main course with garnish and dessert.

Dinner includes appetizers and salads on the buffet, a first course, a main course with garnish, cheese and other desserts on the buffet.

The most suitable wines are recommended.

The hotel restaurant Menapace is now one of the few hotels on Lake Garda that offers full board, once a local business standard.

The appearance of the breakfast buffet has changed the daily diet rhythm on holiday, also to provide more time for visits and excursions without fixed times.

Although we offer a breakfast buffet, we still find that lunch remains part of the Italian daily life and it is a pleasure for us to offer this service to the guest who asks for it.