Juliet’s House in Verona

Giulietta Capuleti is still one of the most famous personalities of Verona. Her home in the historic centre of Verona is visited by several thousand visitors every month and 50,000 letters are sent to her address every year.


Popular tradition has it that the character of Shakespeare lived with his family in this house of medieval origin.

A family emblem in the shape of a hat, carved in bas-relief on the entrance face of the house, gives the name to the street where it is located, Via Cappello, and links it to the family name of the girl “Capuleti” from “cappelletti” originating from “Dal Cappello”.

The Statue

Inside the courtyard the gaze immediately rises towards the famous balcony from which the young girl looked out.
At the back of the court a bronze statue embodies the figure of Giullietta.

This is now a new statue, having been the first “pierced” on the right breast by the superstitious touch of millions of hands that have been visiting since the ‘70s. It is said that touching her breast brings good luck in love.
Thanks to the new statue the tradition can continue for at least another 50 years.

Inside the House

The interior of the house is that of a typical wealthy family home of the early Renaissance, with frescoes on the walls and large brick fireplaces, inlaid trunks, wooden stairs with balustrades.

Among the furniture and furnishings also part of the set design used in Zeffirelli’s famous film as the large wooden bed and some stage clothes of the young actors.

Giulietta “Superstar”

More modern is the presence in one of the rooms of a station from which it is possible to send an email to Juliet.

In fact, it should be noted that as mentioned, our Juliet receives over 50,000 letters a year, which 45 “secretaries” around the world open and answer, providing their work for free.

But that’s not all, the charm of Juliet is also evident in the hundreds of padlocks, and other things, hanging from a grille in the courtyard while the thousands of writings and notes left by hopeful lovers attached to the walls of the entrance to the courtyard have recently been removed and the walls cleaned.

Also to See

A visit to Juliet’s house is a must for those passing through the beautiful historical centre of Verona.
Also in the immediate vicinity are the beautiful Piazza Erbe and the adjacent Piazza dei Signori, not to be missed. Also worth a visit is the nearby Bottega del Vino, a very old inn with an old-fashioned look and, for those who appreciate it, stocked with excellent Veronese wines.

Tomb of Juliet

For those who want to complete the visit to the places of the sweet girl, it remains to visit the not very distant Tomb of Juliet, with the sarcophagus in red Verona marble stone, inside the Museum of frescoes.