Punta Veleno Brenzone

SUNDAY 8 September 2019
in Brenzone sul Garda (VR)

reception office from 8.00 am in Castelletto next to the church.

LENGTH: km 8
DEPARTURE: Castelletto di Brenzone at 10.30
ARRIVAL: Location “Punta Veleno” in Prada Alta.

it is a race starting from Castelletto (75 m asl) and then climbing strongly from Castello (140 m asl) to Punta Veleno (1156 m), exactly 8 km long with an average gradient of 12.7% with a central stretch of 4 km at 16.5% and passes over 20%. Total height difference 1016 m, entirely paved.

A tough race for well-trained cyclists but with the possibility of participating in the saddle of an E-bike that does not exceed 25km / h, with a maximum weight of 33 kg and a maximum power of 250w.

Map Castelletto

Start point

Route Map


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