The “Forra” Road at Tremosine

Tremosine on the Lake Garda

Tremosine is a small town on the western shore of Lake Garda.

The landscape that can be admired from Pieve di Tremosine, suspended a precipice at 350 m. above lake level, is of great beauty and highly impressive.

The inhabitants of these villages have always struggled a lot to reach the shores of the lake, the main route of trade with other towns on Lake Garda. The only route was made up of steep and unsafe paths carved out of the rock.

La Strada della Forra

In 1913, the “Strada della Forra” (gorge road) was finally inaugurated, connecting the Gardesana ovest state road from the locality Porto di Tremosine to Pieve di Tremosine, and running along the bed that the Brosa torrent has carved into the rock over millennia.

The narrow and winding route of 5.5 km between the high vertical rock faces is a source of great admiration for the landscapes it gives. To be enjoyed calmly, one curve after the other, with small vehicles being the narrow carriageway. Sometimes there is a traffic light to allow the passage of one row of vehicles at a time.

From the top, the landscape from the church of Pieve di Tremosine or the famous “Terrazza del Brivido” is breathtaking.


With regard to Tremosine it should be noted that the name does not belong to any specific village but is only the name of the municipality which consists of 18 villages: Pieve, Arias, Castone, Mezema, Pregasio, Cadignano, Sermerio, Voiandes, Vesio, Villa, Voltino, Ustecchio, Bassanega, Priezzo, Sompriezzo, Musio, Secastello, Campione.

All the villages are located between 400 and 600 meters above sea level except Campione which is located on the shore of the lake.


A- Pieve
B- Arias
C- Castone
D- Mezema
E- Pregasio
F- Cadignano
G- Sermerio
H- Voiandes
I- Vesio
L- Villa
M- Voltino
N- Ustecchio
O- Bassanega
P- Priezzo
Q- Sompriezzo
R- Musio
S- Secastello
T- Campione


Pieve, which juts out on the rock overlooking Lake Garda, is one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, a prestigious “club” to which belongs a limited number of villages that are characterized by beautiful landscapes, architectural harmonies, environmental heritage, historical-artistic-cultural riches and interesting religious, popular and gastronomic traditions.

A trip to Tremosine should not exclude tasting some typical local products such as Tremosine cheese, Tremosine honey, Capu, polenta cusa, Tremosine cheese tortelli. But also other Brescian specialities such as the typical Brescian spit.

For more informations about the typical products of Tremosine visit

The territory of the municipality of Tremosine is part, together with the neighbouring municipalities of Salò, Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno, Valvestino, Magasa, Gargnano, Limone Sul Garda and Tignale, of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, established for the safeguard and coordinated management of a unique and uncontaminated natural environment.

Website of Parco Alto Garda Bresciano
Website of Tremosine sul lago di Garda

How to reach Tremosine

If you want to drive along the Strada della Forra road, an ideal solution would be to cross the lake with the Torri’s ferry to Maderno and drive along the coast along the Gardesana road to San Giacomo di Gargnano, take the SP38 towards Tignale, stop to admire the landscape from the Sanctuary of Monte Castello and continue to Pieve di Tremosine and finally take the Strada della Forra road down towards the lake.

Avoiding the ferry instead, the shortest route would be along the coast northwards to Riva del Garda, then continuing to Limone sul Garda and taking the Strada della Forra shortly afterwards uphill.

The road to La Forra is certainly an exciting route for motorcyclists and the countless comments that can be found online bear witness to this.
The fact that the traffic is slow and relaxed allows the biker to enjoy the view around.

If you want to go along the road of the Forra by bike or mountain bike the possibilities to get there are the already mentioned ferry Torri- Maderno to which we can also add the regular line boat where the bike can go up freely. The route Malcesine-Limone is the most frequent. Once you arrive in Limone, you ride along the Gardesana and the new cycle trail overhanging the lake as far as the entrance to the Strada della Forra at the “Porto di Tremosine” point.